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WE DID IT !!!!!

73 se

8 december 2020

100% !!!!! From 369 incredible backers.

  • We can now make The Climate App a reality !!!!

We're so excited for what we can create for you all, we won't let you down! Thank you everyone, myself and the team might just fall asleep on our computers now :D

We're still going to push the campaign to try and reach the next milestone (£25k) so that we can develop faster and ensure that v1 of the app is as slick and fast as possible.

We'll keep you updated with our progress and get the sustainable t-shirts out within a couple of weeks,

Thanks for being part of this, keep spreading the word! Sam, Amber, Astrid, Beth, Charlie, Deise, Hannah, Holly, Jessie, Josh, Kristin, Matthew, Milli, Paul, Sarah, Sindhu, Sophia, Tiffani, Tim, Tom, Vanessa, Xingjian, Yehudis, Zhong


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