Greater Vancouver, BC, CA
Tell Loblaws to Ensure Animals Aren’t Tortured in Its Supply Chain
Namninsamling till Galen Weston

My name is Mark, and I worked at more than a dozen ...

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Reduce Sentences for Prisoners Fighting California Fires.
Namninsamling till Governor

As fires ripped through Northern California burning down over 8,000 homes and ...

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District of Columbia, DC, US
Stop President Trump’s proposed budget cuts to the National Institutes of Health
Namninsamling till Donald Trump

President Donald Trump released a budget proposal on 3/16/17 which calls for ...

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Disclose all the Secret Space Programs and release all the hidden technologies
Namninsamling till Donald Trump

President Trump: Make the world great again. People deserve to know the ...

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Travis County, TX, US
Clemency for Michael Pelletier – Serving Life for Pot!
Namninsamling till Office of the Pardon Attorney

When my brother, Michael Pelletier, was 11 years old, he lost the ...

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New York, NY, US
Demand that the UN intervene in Syria and stop the violence
Namninsamling till Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein

The violence in Syria has steadily escalated since the start of the ...

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Westchester County, NY, US
Stop The Slaughterhouse on CSU’s Campus
Namninsamling till Tony Frank

Colorado State University may want to consider changing their name to “Cruelty ...

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Help Free an Innocent Mom – Courtney Bisbee!
Namninsamling till Jerry Cobb

In 2004, our daughter Courtney Bisbee, was falsely accused by one teenager, ...

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Harris County, TX, US
Stop Protecting The Assailants Of Super Aggravated Sexual Assault
Namninsamling till Kim Ogg

As it stands now, it is required for a child under six ...

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Fulton County, GA, US
My Son Has Muscular Dystrophy. His Insurance Company Is Taking Away a Breakthrough Drug.
Namninsamling till Joseph Swedish

When my son, Caden, was five years old, he was diagnosed with ...

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Queens County, NY, US
President Trump: Protection for Trans Youth
Namninsamling till Donald Trump

Dear President Trump and his Administration, I, Cyrus, and my friend Erin are ...

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Valle del Cauca, CO
Ask Congress to Outlaw Dog and Cat Meat in the U.S.
Namninsamling till Kevin McCarthy

Did you know that dog and cat meat is completely legal in ...

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Tell Walmart Brazil to Stop Selling Eggs from Confined Hens
Namninsamling till Doug McMillon

Did your eggs come from caged hens? If you shop at Walmart Brazil ...

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Keep the teacher’s tax deduction in our federal taxes
Namninsamling till Donald Trump

Imagine you are at work and realize that you are in need ...

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Google to join July 12th day of action!
Namninsamling till Sundar Pichai

"The FCC wants to destroy net neutrality and give big cable companies ...

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