Namninsamling : Stop construction of dirty coal power generation power plant in Rampal Sundarbon, Bangladesh

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We, the people of Bangladeshi people living abroad, would like to inform you of our protest against coal-driven source of electricity occurring in Rampal. This is dangerous for the environment in that area, which could

damage the biggest mangrove forest in the world, Sundarban. Additionally, it could affect the animals,

such as deer, monkeys and the rare species of Bengal Tigers. This is a place which is one of the

UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Bangladesh is a small country, with only 7% of forests. This can be threatened due to the

environmentally damaging coal-driven source of electricity. Since, the environment and sustainability

have become topics of great interest, where governments are more involved in contributing to

improved environmental standards; the same notion should be seen with equal importance in

Bangladesh. However, so far the Bangladeshi government has failed to do so.

We are not against Rampal, since we understand the need for electricity, but we wish that this area

would be free from anything that is potentially damaging for the environment. Therefore, we

Bangladeshis from around the world have come together to raise awareness regarding this matter.


The Bangladeshis living abroad.

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Inlagt den 2017-01-30
Startades av : Badal
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